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Purpose & Vision

i61 is a business development network that exists to transform communities, cities and nations by developing profitable businesses that positively impact people, culture and economies (Isaiah 61).

To develop 10,000 Purpose-Led Businesses in the next 10 years by establishing a network of business development centers across the U.S. and around the world. i61 targets communities, cities and nations with unbalanced economies (i.e. low wages yet high cost of living). These centers will support and equip local businesses through consulting, training, coaching, prayer support, co-work space, financing and other services a business will need to build sustainable ventures. The necessary support and resources for each center will be locally developed and driven by purpose to be imparted into each business. (Romans 15:1)

i61 is a network of entrepreneurs, business professionals, consultants, and coaches who are passionate about equipping the next generation of purpose-led businesses. Through a powerful combination of biblical and practical guidance, we have built an innovative, purpose-led experience that has led to a variety of transformative outcomes in our entrepreneurs. (Proverbs 15:22)

i61 conducts both one on one business consulting and group training to bring purpose and the entrepreneur’s brand into alignment so that the proper business strategy can be developed. Our consulting packages are customized to the needs of each business. The training programs are designed to equip small groups of entrepreneurs (or management teams) the fundamentals for sustainable growth that are both profitable and fulfills a greater purpose.  (2 Timothy 2:2)

Formula for Success

We follow a simple formula to achieve success for our purpose led businesses.

Purpose + Profit = Transformation


i61 is a business development network that exists to transform communities, cities and nations by developing profitable and sustainable purpose – led businesses that positively impact people, culture and economies (Isaiah 61).

The foundation to building a profitable business that lasts multiple generations is to have a clear purpose beyond the financial gains. Having a greater purpose in mind will drive the business forward even during down times that can happen in the lifecycle of a business. Because when money is the primary motivator, it is very easy for a business to fold during difficult times. A purpose led business starts by delivering a product or service that solves a distinct problem.


In order to deliver on the purpose of the business, making a profit is absolutely necessary. Without profit, the business will ultimately die and its purpose goes unfulfilled. So there is always a purpose for the profit. A profitable business model starts with an innovative product/service that solves a distinct problem. The next step is to price the product/service based on the value that it delivers not simply a markup from its cost. If the business consistently delivers on its value it will reap significant profits that can be used to give into its purpose and reinvest into the business. The reinvestment is critical so that it can continually improve upon its innovative products/service thus increasing value, increasing price, increasing profitability, increasing giving and increasing reinvestment.


Once a purpose led business builds sustainable profits, community transformation is sure to be an outcome. It’s not something the business needs to strive for but it’s the result of delivering on its own purpose. Because as the business grows in profits, it also grows in influence. That influence can be used to encourage other leaders in business, government, education, media, and beyond to make a difference in their own sphere. Should these leaders start to collaborate for the betterment of the community, you won’t see change, you’ll see TRANSFORMATION!

Are you wanting to see TRANSFORMATION? Then we, at i61, would love to show you how to position your business for sustainable growth that supports its purpose that leads to community TRANSFORMATION.

Let’s get started.

The Founder

Early Years

Founder Robert Fukui was born in Hilo, Hawaii to an Assemblies of God pastor and raised in the islands until age nine, when his dad felt called to leave Hawaii and move to Washington State. On his way there, Robert’s dad visited a friend in San Jose, California. This “pit stop” would end up lasting much longer, as he realized his call to settle in San Jose instead. The rest of the family—Robert, his mother and sister—then made the move and joined him in their new home in California.

Robert grew up in San Jose and was very active in sports. Lettered in three sports and picked up an MVP trophy along the way.

He is blessed to do life and business with his wife Kay Lee Fukui.

Business Experience

Robert decided to stay local to get his Bachelor’s degree in Business with a concentration in Marketing from San Jose State University. He got his first sales job with the local Coca-Cola distributor straight out of college.

After almost three years with Coca-Cola, he transitioned to the pharmaceutical industry, where he spent another 19 years with two major pharmaceutical companies in various types of sales, marketing and training positions. He first worked for Novartis Pharmaceuticals and now most recently has spent 17 years with Bristol-Myers Squibb, one of the largest bio-pharmaceutical companies worldwide and among the industry leaders in HIV, Immuno-science and Oncology.

Over the course of his professional career, he has been privileged to be instrumental in the launch of six major brands, responsible for over $150 million in revenue and a recipient of national sales and leadership development awards. His successful experience in product marketing through ever-changing economic conditions has positioned him to be able to assist local organizations achieve sales success in any economic environment.

Preferred Providers

At i61, we have a network of business professionals and subject matter experts that are of high character and values to serve your business. Our consultants have decades of experience assisting businesses to take the next step toward growth or exploding out of the starting blocks.

  • Identify long term vision of the business
  • Identify and quantify the future investment needs of the business
  • Review financial picture of the business, including pricing structure
  • Review marketing practices
  • Make recommendations on a new value based pricing structure
  • Draft sales forecast
  • Show how to achieve sufficient pre-tax profits
  • Draft brand direction.
Robert Fukui

Robert Fukui

Founder and Lead Business Developer

Specializing in the area of marketing with a unique perspective on pricing and branding that identifies the key intellectual properties in your business that justifies the true market price for your products and services. He is also very adept at simplifying complex business models that will streamline your business processes, improve profitability and positions the business for sustained growth.
Kay Lee Fukui

Kay Lee Fukui

Voice Coach

Raised in a family business, with a bachelors degree in Business Administration and an associates degree in Interior Design, Kay Lee, has seen firsthand how the wife of the business owner can sometimes get lost in the complexities of running a family operation. Her heart is to assist the wives of entrepreneurs navigate the relationship complexities to find the voice within for the benefit of the family and business. Contact her to find out more about Finding Your Voice.

Greg Wallace

Greg Wallace

The Wallace Group - Strategic Planning | Leadership Development

Author, strategic planning facilitator, and leadership trainer, Greg Wallace is CEO of The Wallace Group (“TWG”). He is passionate about helping leaders at all levels achieve their own definition of success. TWG’s suite of transformation tools include learning forums, consultation, and facilitation. Greg’s second book, “Transformation: the Power of Leading from Identity” (Amazon Books), debunks the myth of cookie-cutter leadership training and helps leaders to develop a model that flows effortlessly from authentic identity.
Gahram Kang

Gahram Kang

Avodah Law Group, PLC - Business Attorney

After working for two years in her father’s small business right out of college, Gahram developed a desire to help small business owners with their plethora of legal needs. She has been serving business owners in a variety of industries for over a decade, addressing their entity formation, contracts, employment issues, commercial leases, dispute resolution, trademarks and brand protection needs, as well as assisting them with buying and selling businesses. Her goal is to help business owners to grow and protect their business by having an ongoing relationship with a proactive legal advisor. Contact her today.
Jake Scanlan

Jake Scanlan

Wiild Creative - Brand Strategist

After attending Bible College and interning as a pastor, Jake watched his passion for people and creativity collide in the world of advertising. In 2015 he launched his own design agency to help small businesses discover and express their brand. After two successful years, he moved on to serve larger brands at a bigger Agency. Today, Jake works as an Art Director developing Ad Campaigns for some of the largest brands in the world.

Matt Smith

Matt Smith

Modmacro - Digital Marketing

Founder and CEO of Modmacro, an award-winning digital marketing firm in Southern California. Author of Kill the Noise, a book about streamlining your business, Matt’s approach challenges established digital marketing tactics and thinking. An engineer by education, Matt has focused more than a decade on software development and small business marketing. Founding Modmacro in 2010, his role involves directing the company while remaining intimately involved in client projects on a daily basis.

Board of Advisors

Cam McConnell

Cam McConnell

Business Strategists

MGLLC are specialists over the past 35 years in helping global business owners break patterns that have derailed their business from ‘tracks of profitability’. McConnell’s Business Modeling Methodology (BMM) dispels the previously touted economic theory of return on investment as no long relevant. His latest book BUILD TO PROSPER uncovers the real values in a business – ‘intellectual properties” – that provide the leverage necessary to return a business back to prosperity.
Kevin Monroe

Kevin Monroe


Kevin is captivated by the idea that God has a higher purpose for life, leadership, and service. He believes the people who find and fulfill their higher purpose have more fun, experience greater fulfillment, and make the world better and brighter for everyone else.

It is those beliefs that energize his work as an executive coach, leadership consultant, and keynote speaker as he helps individuals and organizations give authentic expression to their higher purpose.

He is the founder of X Factor Consulting and host of The Higher Purpose Podcast. Kevin has an MA in Organizational Leadership from Gonzaga University where he also studied Servant Leadership and a BA from Mercer University.

Through the years, Kevin has held plenty of prestigious titles, his current favorites are husband, Dad, Papa, and friend. Kevin invites you to connect with him online.

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