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Welcome to the Best Practices page of the website. In this page, you will be able to learn from some of the best business practitioners around. Not only are they experts in their chosen business field but they have a heart to impart their decades of experience and wisdom to other purpose led entrepreneurs.

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The Purpose of Business

Have you ever wondered what the meaning of life is all about? Well, ok, what about your business? What is the purpose for your business? It can’t simply be to make money. (Although, that’s part of it) In this episode of Purpose and Profitability I share that not only...

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How to find more time in the day

As busy entrepreneurs, business owners and leaders we are always trying to squeeze out more time in the day to complete important tasks. So we put in more hours in the day, skip lunches and breaks. Unfortunately, there are only a finite number of hours in the day. So...

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PURPOSE IS THE ROADMAP FOR YOUR BUSINESS I had the privilege to interview Mike LaRue of the Ignite Franchise Group. We discussed a number of things that positively impacts a business from creating systems to branding to community involvement and more. This first...

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IS ALL SOCIAL MEDIA THE SAME? Whenever a business is thinking about using social media for marketing purposes, the “go to” is Facebook, Instagram and maybe Linkedin. The question is, are all of these the same and do you use the same strategy? What about Snapchat,...

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Don’t Set Sales Goals

Don’t Set Sales Goals Revenue Only Tells Part of The Story Most companies set sales goals and build a strategy to reach that but rarely do they set pre-tax profit goals with accompanying strategies. While it may seem to many that if you reach your sales goals, you...

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Pricing Strategy; What Not to Do

Pricing Strategy; What Not to Do Welcome to the continuation from my last article on “Key Foundation to Grow Profits” . If you read through the entire article, then you’ve probably identified that you need to increase your prices. But how to do so without losing...

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Identify Profit Leaks

Identify Profit Leaks As I stated in the last article, understanding and setting a value based price can be a bit complicated as it involves both objective and subjective measures. But one way to find out if your pricing does not reflect the true value of the...

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Key Foundation to Grow Profits

Key Foundation to Grow Profits If you’re like most businesses, big and small, you are always looking for ways to increase profits. The problem many find is that as their business increases (i.e. more customers or increased revenue) profits don’t always follow suit. In...

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5 Common Business Myths

Over the course of my time consulting with businesses and talking to friends and family who have businesses, some common business concepts (or maybe better to say, expectations) tend to come up on a regular basis. If I didn’t know any better, I would believe them just...

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