Increase Profits Through Value Based Pricing and Clear Branding

Building a purpose led business that is profitable is not a “nice to have” but a “must have.” After all, if you don’t make a profit, you won’t be in business long. How will your business live out its purpose then?

Choose a business issue that resonates

Inability to reinvest into the business

Sales are up but profits aren’t keeping pace

Owner not taking a regular (healthy) salary

Inability to hire needed personnel

Providing more value than what you’re charging

Afraid to raise prices

Can’t invest into marketing

Barely acheiving a profit


We solve the above business problems by creating the right profit margins that will allow your business to invest into the personnel, equipment, marketing and other resources to drive your business forward.



The correct profit margins also gives you more margin of time. In other words, you won’t have to work as hard to make more money.


We do this by developing a value based pricing approach that will determine the true value of your products and services and set a price that matches. This produces healthy profit margins that will allow you to consistently invest into the business to grow in a sustainable way.


Because the value based approach will often lead you to raising your prices, the next step in our process is to build a brand strategy that will effectively communicate your value to the right customer that will gladly pay what you’re worth.


Once the new value based price strategy is in place, results are immediate and your business is on its way to being sustainable and fulfilling its greater purpose!

We have a passion to see purpose led businesses thrive and create sustainable profits that they can use to reinvest into the business to increase the value of their products or services. When done on a continual basis, they will build a great business that makes a positive influence with their stakeholders and the community they serve.

Fundamental to building a profitable business model is to understand the tangible and intangible qualities that makes your business valuable. Once identified, you will be able to set prices that match your value and create a brand strategy that supports it.

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Understanding your product or services value and setting a price in correlation to it, is fundamental to commanding a higher price and building sustained profits.


When you understand the strengths and value that your product or service brings to the market, you can clearly communicate that to your customer and command a higher price.


Combining the right price with a clear communication of your value will result in reaching the right customer that is willing to pay what you’re worth. This is the one – two punch that will generate increased profits.

Value package

Ideal for a business that has a high functioning team in the area of finance and marketing. This is a one day ideation process that will uncover the essence of the business brand and its value in the marketplace. This will form the basis of developing a value based pricing structure and brand strategy to effectively communicate the value to your customer. Immediate profit increases are seen after this session.

  • Identify long term vision of the business
  • Identify and quantify the future investment needs of the business
  • Review financial picture of the business, including pricing structure
  • Review marketing practices
  • Make recommendations on a new value based pricing structure
  • Draft sales forecast
  • Show how to achieve sufficient pre-tax profits
  • Draft brand direction.

Implemented the new value based pricing structure as directed by Robert. It resulted in a 15% increase in price. Not only did we not lose any clients but we gained an additional one the first month of the rollout. In the first month of the new price structure, we increased our pre-tax profit by a little over 50%. We’re on our way to paying off our company debt and saving for a new company van.

M.W. , Property Management Services

Increase package

Ideal for the business that has a high functioning marketing team but a little weak in the area of finance.

This package also includes everything from the Value Package.

The quickest approach to increasing business profits is by developing and implementing a value based pricing approach. If you’re not sure what that is or have not used this approach then your business is a candidate to benefit from this. Since value based pricing can be highly subjective, most entrepreneurs try to find the easiest approach to set their price. It’s usually a combination of two processes. 1. Cost plus pricing – in which you take the cost of goods of a product and mark it up a certain percentage. 2. Benchmarking – in which you survey the competition and evaluate where your product fits within the price ranges.

Neither of these approaches truly capture the value of your product and puts the entrepreneur in danger of underpricing themselves. Which also greatly reduces their profit potential.

After this setting the correct value based price structure, the business will see an immediate increase in their pre-tax profits.
This package, picks up from the ideation completed in Value Package and validates all assumptions and conducts a deep dive into the business to create a final value based pricing structure.

  • Identify long term vision of the business
  • Identify and quantify the future investment needs of the business
  • Review financial picture of the business, including pricing structure
  • Review marketing practices
  • Make recommendations on a new value based pricing structure
  • Draft sales forecast
  • Show how to achieve sufficient pre-tax profits
  • Draft brand direction.

Profit Package

(VIP Treatment)

Ideal for the business that wants it all! Combines all three packages for the ultimate VIP treatment.

In order to get your customer to pay the value based price, which maximizes your profits, they must understand the value you’re providing. This is where a solid brand strategy will be instrumental. Proper branding is more than the logo, design and other marketing collateral. True branding comes from identifying the internal strengths of the business that sets them apart from the competition. The identification process that establishes the brand comes from the ideation process in package 1 and the value based pricing structure developed in package 2. is now developing the brand strategy to effectively communicate the brand story that will validate the new value based prices.

  • Gather all work done from the Value and Increase Packages and…
  • Research the story of the entrepreneur from past to present
  • Understanding the purpose of the business
  • Create purpose, vision and brand statement that will guide the future of the business
  • Identify the target market of the business
  • Develop a marketing message that captures the essence of the brand and resonates with target audience
  • Ensure/create all visual branding is consistent with the brand message

For the emerging business

Ideal for the emerging business who may not have the budget for a full VIP Treatment but has the capacity to do the work. 

This course is a 5 part series that is conducted with up to four entrepreneurs to coach them through the exact process we do for our larger clients.

Other services

Business Modeling
Developing the correct way to do business can be somewhat of a taxing process. Why you sell, what you sell, how you sell it and who you are selling to are fundamental questions every business needs to clearly identify, yet few do so effectively. But once you understand your God-given purpose for the business and your unique brand that you bring to the marketplace, you can then choose a model that fits best. i61 has a unique way of understanding what your purpose and brand is that will resonate with you so you feel confident that the model you choose supports your vision.
Leadership & Organizational Change
Whether you are in startup mode or a business looking to make significant organizational change, strong leadership is imperative to navigate the issues that come with growth. i61 has a team of practitioners who have experience in leading major companies through a variety of issues and growth strategies.

Marketing is any method of communication that accurately shares the value that your product or services bring to the market. When done appropriately, customers will gladly pay the price that you deserve, as opposed to you marking down the price in hopes that they will buy. i61 and its consultants can assist you in developing, building and implementing a comprehensive strategy to boost your profits. We have the following expertise:

  • Branding – Develop a full identity package including logo design, business card, letterhead, envelopes, PowerPoint template, brochures and other pertinent collateral.
  • Graphic Design – Develop digital and print marketing collateral that reflects your brand.
  • Website – Build complete websites through customized WordPress themes or fully custom CMS websites to accommodate a variety of website needs.
  • Search Engine Optimization – A great looking website is incomplete without traffic. We can help you build organic traffic to your website utilizing some or all of the following: social media, e-blasts, writing original content on your website with keywords your customer is typing into search engines, APP development, engaging with other relevant websites, etc.
  • Automation – We have the capability and expertise to build automated marketing campaigns that will help you increase sales conversions, whether your leads are made from face-to-face interactions or people viewing your website.
  • Photography – A picture is worth a thousand words. Great photos that capture the heart of your brand is important to your marketing efforts. Instead of relying on stock photos, it is often worth the slight addition in expense to capture photos that truly communicate your brand.
  • Video production – If a picture is worth a thousand words, then video is worth about a million. Sharing your brand story through video is a great way to engage your audience in a way words can’t do justice. We have a production team with experience in the entertainment and sports industry to develop corporate videos that connect with your audience.
  • Copywriting – Engaging copy will increase the likelihood of the reader actually spending time to browse through your website, social sites and print collateral. Time spent looking and reading will increase chances of converting them to customers. Creating good copy is worth the investment.
Business Entity & Contracts
Choosing the right business entity (LLC, S Corp, C Corp, LLP, etc.) is important as it has an impact on liability protection and tax issues. Also, doing business in writing (contracts) will help both you and your customer understand expectations and minimize the chance of unnecessary legal actions. Let our network of business attorneys guide you through the best possible solution for your situation.
Price & Profit Models

Setting a price that matches the value that your product/service brings to the market is fundamental to achieving sufficient profits that will allow you to reinvest into your business for sustainable growth. Yet most businesses are underpriced. Allow i61 to develop a value-based pricing strategy that fits your brand, which will allow adequate margin to spend in commissions/bonuses, discounts and marketing that drive sales and earn sufficient profits to grow your business.

Every business should have a succession strategy from the very beginning of its life cycle so it is prepared to do business beyond the owner’s lifetime. The reality, however, is that only 20% of business owners successfully execute this strategy. This leaves the owner no choice but to sell or close. Most close. Allow i61 to help you develop or find a successor that carries the same heart and vision for your business and people.

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