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Portal School of Creativity and Innovation
205 Haggerty Lane suite 100, Bozeman, Montana 59715

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Nov 03 2017 - Nov 04 2017


07:00 PM - 05:00 PM




2 Kings 4:2 “what do you have in your house?”

Purpose Led businesses provide useful solutions to common problems. They are built not just for profits but to make life better for their customers and the people they influence (i.e. employees, vendors and community). If you’re feeling stuck in how to grow your business in a profitable and purposeful manner, than join us November 3rd and 4th as we unpack how your business can grow now with your existing resources to positively impact the people and community around you.


  • Understand what a purpose-led business model looks like
  • How to uncover the true value of your business
  • Discover the keys to profitable growth hidden within


  • Friday, November 3rd 7p-9p “Creating a Kingdom Business Culture”  (FREE FRIDAY NIGHT must register)
    • A Kingdom Business culture can help you attract and retain good employees. While it seems impossible to do, there are some businesses who are able to do it successfully so we want to show you how to model that. Also, creating a Kingdom Business culture in the Gallatin Valley will not only help your business but many businesses thrive. So we want to pray for your business and declare a spirit of collaboration among those that have to the heart to build a Kingdom Culture here in Montana. Join us for Free Friday, November 3rd where we will share some insights into creating a Kingdom Business culture for your business and in the entire region.

Instructors: Sam Haugestuen, owner Shines Auto Meticulously and Robert Fukui, president i61 Business Development Network

  • Saturday, November 4th 9a-5p “Business With Impact” workshop ($250 includes both Friday and Saturday registration with lunch on Saturday)
    • Joseph business model review
    • 9:15a – 10:15a Purpose/Brand – Understanding the God given purpose of your business
    • 10:15a – 11:15a Innovation – Valuing the simple things that set you apart from the competition
    • Break 11:15a – 11:30a
    • 11:30a – 12:45p Value based pricing – God’s economy sometimes works in opposition to best practices. This session will throw out what you thought you know about pricing.
    • Lunch 12:45p – 1:45p (included)
    • 1:45p – 2:45p Marketing – How to improve on what’s working as opposed to “investing” into the unknown.
    • 2:45p – 3:15p Purpose for profit – God wants your business to prosper for His purpose. Here we circle back to how we started the day.
    • 3:15p – 3:30p
    • 3:30p – 4:30p Discuss cases
    • 4:30p – 5p Close

Instructor: Robert Fukui, president i61 Business Development Network


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